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Web Design Trends 2019

Only a few weeks left this year and most of us are planning ahead for 2019. If you are in the market for a new web presence, don’t just look this year’s trends … make sure to consider (or demand if you’re hiring a pro) the  Web Design Trends 2019 forecast below. I’ve spent some time looking into what will be the norm of tomorrow’s web design and so should you.

Web Design Trends 2019 | AnitaM

But before we get started, let’s be clear here. No matter what the future may bring or not, it’s important to always put in the time to properly plan your website, consider what will most benefit your web visitors, and keep in mind less is always more … “clutter” in web design is so last century.

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Already have a website and don’t need to plan ahead? Go on then and check out the upcoming Web Design Trends 2019 below. But make sure, no matter what, keep the needs of your audience first!

The Top Web Design Trends for 2020

AnitaM | Responsive Web Design


This may not be so brand-new of a trend, but moving forward, responsive web design, and even more so accessibility (for vision impaired & deaf), will be on the forefront in web design. So, when you’re planning ahead, don’t forget to test your sites for responsiveness & include aids to truly give everyone access to your web presence. And don’t forget about making your logo responsive too.

AnitaM | Minimalist Web Design


As I always like to say, less is more, and this goes also for the future of web design. Moving forward, layouts will carry forward simplified & minimal design with lots of flat elements and even translucent buttons. Simply can’t stress it enough, it’s all about the planning before going into design mode.

AnitaM | Fast Website


We, as a society, are more and more pressed for time! And on average you have less than 15 seconds to impress your website visitors before they are ready to leave and never come back again. Provide them with a simple and user-centric experience. Less clicking around means, fewer chances to bounce … maybe even consider strategic single-page design to communicate with your web audience. No matter what, don’t forget to test the speed of your website.

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AnitaM | Unique Web Design


Next year, we’ll see more vibrant colors & geometric shapes to compliment those minimalistic designs. Also, expect to see more and more broken grids/asymmetrical designs popping up left and right. After all, who’s said the future of web design should be plain & boring? Think outside the box!

AnitaM | Personalized Web Design


Most of us don’t really focus much on the text on a website (which is btw just as important as amazing design). Maybe select one or two fonts and call it a day. But, moving forward, it’s all about handmade typefaces to give a website a unique look and feel as well as variable fonts families. Another trend to watch out for: Serif fonts will make its “debut” onto websites.

AnitaM | Video Background


There is no denying, videos are everywhere and it almost feels like photos are so last century! Video backgrounds will be a big thing in 2019, just as cinemagraphs (still photographs in a minor and repeated movement). So get a camera ready to add some movement to your website.

AnitaM | Chatbots & Animation


Let’s face it we are connected 24/7 to people all over the world. Being available at all times is a must, even more so in 2019. But how can you ensure your visitors can reach you at all times? Chatbots, of course. And to create more interactions on your website, take advantage of micro animation to “show” them the way around your cyberspace. It’s all about highlighting your offers and saving your visitors precious time (which we always have not enough of).

AnitaM | Web Design for All


The internet connects the entire world nowadays so it’s important to think beyond your “local reach” when designing your web presence. Focus on diversity. Get inspired by design trends worldwide and not only what’s right in front of your nose on the screen. Dig around and see what others are doing on the other side of the world.

Conclusion: Website Visitor is King!

As it all goes into business, the customer is the king after all is said and done. Include some of the Web Design Trends 2019 into your upcoming web design project but never forget: Keep the needs and wants of your website visitors in mind at all times!

Web Design trends 2019 + WordPress Starter Kit | AnitaM

Also, interested to know if my Web Design Trends 2019 forecast is accurate? Come back in January 2019 to see the updated version of this article … until then, think outside the box & have fun with your design! And remember, it’s the 21st century, and we’re all connected one way or another!


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