Web Design Trends 2020 - Is your website ready to rock the web? | AnitaM

Web Design Trends 2020: Are you ready to rock the web?

Only a few weeks left this year and most of us are planning ahead for 2020. If you are in the market for a new web presence, don’t just look this year’s trends … make sure to consider (or demand if you’re hiring a pro) the  Web Design Trends 2020 forecast below. I’ve spent some time to look into what will be the norm of tomorrow’s web design and so should you.

Web Design Predictions for 2020 | AnitaM

But before we get started, let’s be clear here. No matter what the future may bring or not, it’s important to always put in the time to properly plan your website, consider what will most benefit your web visitors, and keep in mind less is always more … ‘clutter‘ in web design is so last century.

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The Top Web Design Trends for 2020

Already have a website and don’t need to plan ahead? Go on then and check out the upcoming Web Design Trends 2020 below. But make sure, no matter what, keep the needs of your audience first!

Mobile-First Design

Mobile-first Web Design 2020 | AnitaM

While this year was all about responsive design and accessibility, 2020 will be all about mobile-first as good practice in web design. According to research, the global mobile population amounted to 4 billion unique users and mobile devices accounted for 48 percent of web page views worldwide. Thatโ€™s why developers and designers are quickly moving towards designing for mobile-first. What it means to you, start your design process by creating a layout for mobile devices and then optimize it for tablet and desktop.

Big Typography & Whitespace

Big Typeface & Whitespace in Web Design 2020 | AnitaM

Another trend to continue in the upcoming year is big typography. Visually, big typography means titles with letters in large point sizes. This design trend has been growing all through 2019. Next year it will only keep expanding into more web design layouts. And because big type needs space, there will be more emphasis put on whitespace (or negative space) moving into 2020. Spacious layouts, with more blank areas in between the design elements, will give a well-balanced feel to a website. And while most commonly white, whitespace can also be made up of any other color.

Asymmetry & Solid Color Blocks

Asymmetry & Solid Color Blocks in Web Design 2020 | AnitaM

The asymmetry trend has only been growing this year and will continue in 2020. So much so that it might become a regular trend. The idea behind asymmetry is that websites look less โ€œblockyโ€ and straight-edged. In a nutshell, it makes the design on websites look much more interesting. But, if the asymmetry is not your thing, you could add solid color blocks to your layout to bring interest to your website. Either way you go, the most important thing to remember about web design is that it always needs to have a visual balance.

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Vertical Split Design & Content

Vertical Split Web Design 2020 | AnitaM

Have more than one idea to convey on your website, but still want to retain an uncluttered look? Consider splitting your screen down the middle allowing each side an equal spot in the limelight. This captivating web design trend breaks the rectangular mold in two. To inject visual hierarchy into this partitioned design, place an additional content at the center of the screen, where the two halves meet. Those elements, which could be anything from your logo to a call-to-action (CTA) button or a menu header, will act as a focal point and balance out the screen.

Motion, Interactivity & Video

Interactive & Video on Website | AnitaM

Video and animation are far from being a new phenomenon on the web. After all, motion is an engaging, surefire way to grab site visitorsโ€™ interest, especially when designing for an audience with decreasing attention spans. Our eyes almost instinctively gravitate towards any moving element, a biological fact that can be utilized to control the way visitors perceive a certain page. In order to make this trend work for you, think of what areas youโ€™d like to draw the most focus to on your site. But keep in mind that motion can be distracting when misused so proceed with care.

Micro Animations & Tailored Illustrations

Micro Animations & Tailored Illustrations in Web Design 2020 | AnitaM

Micro animations have been a steady trend for a few years now. It only seems to be getting bigger for 2020. Micro animations are used for loading designs, backgrounds, decorative elements, and navigation. But when micro animation and tailored illustration meet together, some amazing things happen. So in order to form a coherent visual language that encapsulates your brandโ€™s vision, browse vector art collections for unique illustrations, icons, badges, or invest money to create illustrations to your brandโ€™s specific needs.

Fluorescent 3D Design

Fluorescent 3D Design in Web Design 2020 | AnitaM

The 3D design comes in many shapes and forms. What started in 2018 and 2019 with elaborate three-dimensional illustrations, will only continue in the coming years. The trend has moved to more straightforward and less flashy designs. Unless you are into fluorescent 3D graphics in luminous, neon-colored shades. Artworks such as these act as tempting little eye-candy that lures in visitorsโ€™ attention, contrasted against a layout thatโ€™s clean and minimal. Note that this web design trend should be used in moderation. After all, as I always say: Less is More!

Voice Search

Voice Search in Web Design 2020 | AnitaM

Voice search has been around for a while, but itโ€™s gained traction this year. In 2020 there will be lots more voice searches on websites. Web design for voice search is all about answering the right questions. This trend is a mix of design and SEO research. But donโ€™t forget, itโ€™s also about using the right images and adding the correct meta descriptions to them so the voice search function will yield desired results for web visitors.

Full-Screen Web Forms

Full Screen Web Forms in Web Design 2020 | AnitaM

Online forms play an integral part in so many of our web interactions, from signing up to a service, to filling in our delivery information on an online store, and much more. Yet at times, they feel like a tedious chore, and users often refrain from filling them in. Therefore, moving forward a simple act of expanding a form so that it takes up more room on the page, makes it more inviting to interact with. As a result, fullscreen forms can improve the user experience. For an added bonus, implement subtle design changes and feedback messages that signal a certain field has been filled in or successfully submitted.


Accessibility in Web Design 2020 | AnitaM

Designing websites for accessibility isnโ€™t precisely a trend; itโ€™s more of a necessity. Some countries have strict laws in place as well. At this point, no website should avoid optimizations for accessibility. This includes design aspects like the color choice for color blindness, optimization or screen readers, and well thought out image descriptions. After all, you want your website to be accessed by all, right?

Conclusion: Website Visitor is King!

As it goes, in business the customer is the king after all is said and done. Include some of the Web Design Trends 2020 into your upcoming web design project but never forget: Keep the needs and wants of your website visitors in mind at all times!

Web Design Trends 2020 | AnitaM


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Are you interested to know if my Web Design Trends 2020 forecast is accurate? Or want to compare the upcoming web design trends to 2019? Come back in later in 2020 to see the updated version of this article โ€ฆ until then, think outside the box & have fun with your design! And remember, itโ€™s the 21st century, and weโ€™re all connected one way or another!

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