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How to Drive Web Traffic with Pinterest & Tailwind

If you think that by launching your website your job is done then you may want to stop and think again. While designing a website is a big part of having your own web presence, to bring it in front of an audience is just as important and could become a very time-consuming task. But there are proven shortcuts that can help you drive web traffic to your website with blogging and social media. And, since “many ways lead to Rome”, I will focus on the fastest way to get results in 2023 with Pinterest.

Grow Web Traffic with Pinterest and Tailwind | AnitaM

Surprised? If you think Pinterest is nothing more mid-thirties women pinning diet tips and parenting hacks, you are missing out on a huge traffic driver. It’s also considered more of a  visual discovery engine than a typical social media channel. To put it in perspective, what Google did for information retrieval Pinterest is doing for the discovery of new ideas. And the best part, Pinterest can help you create an incredible surge in traffic for free.

At first, I had doubts that Pinterest could skyrocket my web traffic until I strategically started to use it with consistency. In less than 6 months, I personally witnessed an increase to 250k + page views per month on Pinterest with somewhat effortless automation with Tailwind.

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Surely, I had to put some time aside each month to schedule my pins, find new quality pin from others to share and monitor the overall performance of it all. But in no time I’ve developed an awesome workflow that saves me hours over manual pinning and brings steady web traffic to my website. It’s basically a tiny investment of time (and money) with an amazing return!

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Now, you may wonder how did I get started with Pinterest? Below are the exact steps I’ve followed to grow my following and exponentially increase the web traffic to my website with Pinterest.

HOW to drive web traffic WITH PINTEREST

1. Set up Business Account

2. Pinterest Boards

3. Create & Publish Pins

Free Month Trial of Tailwind to schedule Pinterest | AnitaM

4. Schedule & Automate with Tailwind

5. Group Boards & Promotions

Conclusion: One Pin at a Time to More Web Traffic!

If you are looking for a free, simple method to drive incredible traffic to your site, it is time to give Pinterest a chance.

Typical Pinterest Result with Tailwind | AnitaM

460+ million people turn to Pinterest each month to find inspiration, education, and information.

Your website could be one of their destinations. And alone the potential to grow web traffic to your website with automation tools like Tailwind, the long life-span of pins, opportunity to create viral pins and various ways of promoting your efforts makes it a no-brainer to join Pinterest right now.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself some of the results you can achieve with Tailwind.

How to drive web traffic with Pinterest | AnitaM

Are you a Pinterest veteran and have additional tips & tricks to contribute?

Share your success story below in comments …

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Grow Web Traffic with Pinterest & Tailwind in 2023
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