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Web Design Trends 2022

Web design is an industry that is constantly evolving, and next year is going to be no exception. There will be new web design trends 2022 that will emerge in the new year that will shape the year with regards to web design and the way that we look at websites. Busy lives and shorter attention spans will require online businesses to rethink their website strategy to provide their customers with the best user experience while minimizing load time and unnecessary distractions.

Web Design Trends 2022 | AnitaM

So if you are a solopreneur or online business owner with a web presence that could benefit from some web design TLC, keep on reading to find out what’s important when it comes to web design trends 2022.

The trends highlighted below are critical for going into 2022 with the best understanding and skill set when it comes to DIY websites.


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Typographic Hero Images

Web Design Trends 2022: Typographic Hero Image

Most people are familiar with the concept of a hero image. It’s the oversized banner that you encounter at the top of the website, it usually has a graphic on it, and provides branding or information to the visitors of the site.

However, the trend for 2022 is going to be a typographic hero image. Basically, this is an image without pictures, and instead a banner that focuses more on text. For best results, we are probably going to see slogans or taglines that leap out at the audience and engage their interest.

Bold and Scrolling Typefaces

When we talk about typeface, we are referring to the words on the page, with regards to height, weight, slant, etc. In 2022, the new typeface is set to be both bold and scrolling, or simply one or the other.

Bold typeface will enable you to engage with the reader in a meaningful way, and scrolling typeface will allow you the opportunity to convey information in a succinct fashion.

Gender-Neutral Design and Copy

Web Design Trends 2022: Gender-Neutral Design & Copy

Inclusivity and diversity are key components of a successful business these days, as every individual wants to feel represented. That is why a big web design trend 2022 will be the focus on gender inclusive design and copy that doesn’t discriminate against any particular group.

How does a business manage this? Well, a strong example would be to incorporate gender-neutral imagery and colors, and to focus on copy that promotes services to everybody equally.t!

Mini / Single Page Websites

Web Design Trends 2022: Mini / Single Page Websites

A big shift that we will see in 2022 is the rise of mini or single page websites. The modern consumer does not need or want to scroll through endless pages of content and services to find what they are looking for.

Instead, the challenge will be to present information, products, and services as concisely as possible within a small website. The less work that has to be done on the part of the visitor, the better.

Customization and Accessibility

Web Design Trends 2022: Customization & Accessibility

Customization and accessibility are strong benefits to any website, and they are set to become even more prominent in 2022 web design. Basically, being able to give accessibility to your customers and allowing them to customize the website to better navigate it will allow you much greater chances at generating sales.

Simple but Engaging Interactions

2022 is definitely going to be the air in which we scale back and go back to basics which comes to web design. The emphasis will be on simplistic designs, and site interactions that are engaging for visitors.

It feels a lot like businesses are tripping over themselves trying to build complicated, quirky websites that just don’t appeal to consumers anymore. Sometimes, a clean, simple website that’s easy to navigate is the best thing that you can create for a business.

Mega Footers

Web Design Trends 2022: Mega Footer

2022 will be a strong supporter of the mega footer. Basically, the footer at the bottom of the page is set to become a lot bigger with regards to web design, including more information. Easy navigation around the website, access to social media links, and contact information are things that may appear more frequently in the future.

Safety First – ALWAYS

Web Design Trends 2022: Safety First

Website safety has always been a core part of any successful business, but in 2022, we are going to have to put safety first. With the risk of attacks from cybercriminals becoming more prominent, and technology becoming more sophisticated, security has to evolve to match that.

The responsibility will be on businesses to create a safe and secure website where customers can store personal information, make purchases, and freely navigate without risk of being exposed to malicious content.

Sharing Not Telling

Web Design Trends 2022: Sharing Not Telling

One of the biggest traps that a business will fall into is abiding by the philosophy of telling consumers about something rather than sharing it with them. It’s a very common problem because customers and visitors to your website want to be shown what’s available, not told. We have to build on a new philosophy of sharing and not telling, because this is what web design will be about in 2022.

The focus is going to be on making sure that websites share offers and deals without telling people they exist. Customers don’t want to have to go hunting around to find something, just share it with them there and then.

Positive Mindset

Web Design Trends 2022: Positive Mindset

The mindset that you use in everyday life will influence the kind of website that you build. Information overload, sensory overload, and consumer driven practices are not as popular as they used to be. Not everybody wants 1000 deals cram down their throats within 25 seconds of getting onto the website. It just doesn’t work.

Instead, the focus is going to be on positive mindsets creating positive websites. Websites that have themes of growth and renewal on them are going to be more positive spaces, and these are the kinds of sites that will attract more visitors. Nobody wants to go on a website where they have to sift through half a dozen advertisements and deals just to get to one page.

DIY Edition: Web Design Trends 2022

There you have it, the web design trends 2022 in a nutshell. But now you may wonder how can you implement such changes on your website without hiring a web designer or breaking the bank?

It’s simple, first you take inventory of your current website. You may be surprised that your website may have some of the trends already incorporated on a smaller scale. Once you know what is already in place and what you would like to change/add to your client-winning website, you can take it one step at a time to implement

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Let’s say you are after a simple website with gender-neutral design and sharing not telling approach. I would recommend you follow these steps to success:

  1. Backup your current website to your computer
  2. Select gender-neutral content for website
  3. Revise your website copy from telling to sharing
  4. Adjust the color palette on your website to your liking
  5. Upload crispy & optimized photos to replace old ones

See, with a few simple swaps you can breathe new air to your website but keep in mind that while I’ve outlined it in a few steps it could take time to make changes to your website so only proceed if you have the time available to make the changes. And if you get stuck while changing things around, you can always schedule a WordPress SOS session.

USER EXPERIENCE First in WEb Design Trends 2022

Some trends may be similar to last year, but as you can probably tell, 2022 is going to have a very rich set of design trends for websites. And to sum it up, focusing on user experience (UX) and less is more” approach will be a big trend next year. Removing all the noise and considering site speed over all the fluff will ensure low bounce rates and happy return visitors to your website.

But something you always must keep in mind is that web design is constantly evolving, and so these trends will represent what is popular and in the next year. 2023 may well be a different beast entirely, which is why it’s important to implement these trends quickly, because just like everything else in life, nothing lasts forever and you won’t have that long to use them.

Web Design Trends 2022 | AnitaM

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