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How to Create a Landing Page in WordPress

I know, you’ve worked hard on this amazing offer tailored toward your target audience. Gathered all your know-how because you know it will make a difference in their life. But, the sad truth is no one will know about it unless they can see it! So all the hours you’ve spent researching and creating may go unnoticed without a place to showcase it on the world wide web. This is when you need a landing page to do all the hard work for you. And even better if you can create your own landing page in WordPress for free, right?

How to Create Landing Pages with WordPress for Free | AnitaM

You’re in luck, my friend! Are you looking for a simple way to create a custom landing page on your WordPress site? A well-designed landing page, also known as sales, opt-in, or confirmation page, can help your business to convert website visitors into customers and leads. In this blog post, I will show you how to easily create a landing page in WordPress.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a web page that’s designed to increase sales and collect more leads. It’s a purpose-built page where you want people to land, view your content, and take an action; like buying a product, subscribing for your free offer, playing a video, etc.

Broadly, a landing page is a powerful marketing process that serves both as a traffic-generating tool as well as a conversion machine. It is used in paid marketing, email, and social media campaigns and users coming from these sources will land on this page first, which is why it is called a landing page.

The difference between Home Page & Landing Page

Typically, the first page users see when they visit your WordPress site is your homepage which contains information about your site including your company name (if any), relevant images, and links to other product pages or content on your site.

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The format, layout, and design of landing pages differ depending on your business type and the resource being offered, but they share a common feature set: form fields to capture visitor data. The information requested is up to you — some sites simply ask for email addresses to send newsletter copy or eBook links, while others want more detailed information such as name and phone number in exchange for special promotions or sales.

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Different Types of Landing Pages

While landing pages invite your website visitors to sign up for your offer, there are various types of landing pages that have different purposes & requirements when it comes to content & design.

Sales Pages

One of the main landing page types you can use for your business is sales pages. Whether you have a digital or physical product for sale, you need a platform to showcase it without distraction. A page where you can send potential buyers so they can complete your call to action.

You come across sales pages every single day, whether it’s a beauty product, an online course, or the latest must-have app. Anyone who is selling anything online needs a landing page to do it, you too!

Opt-in Pages

The opt-in page has conversion as its main goal to get people to sign up for something and join your email list. Sending people to an opt-in page increases your chances of getting them to sign up for your email list because they don’t have to look for the opt-in form hidden between your other content. 

It’s a great way to send traffic from your social media channels to your opt-in pages as you have a clear call to action and get a freebie in return. This type of landing page is perfect to showcase your content upgrades or promote any webinars, free courses, or challenges you might have.

Tripwire Pages

If you’re selling any kind of products that are higher priced, your audience might be reluctant to purchase if they’ve never bought anything from you before. It works the same in real life. If you bought a pair of shoes from an online store before, and you were happy with them, you are much more likely to go back to their website and purchase something else in the future.

So, to accelerate this buyer/seller relationship and build trust with your ideal client you need to sell them something worth less than $50 before you try to sell them something worth $500. And that’s exactly what a tripwire is in the marketing world – a stepping stone product, that’s lowered priced (or heavily discounted), to get people comfortable with buying from you.

Tripwire pages are usually set up to work passively and appear after someone signs up for one of your freebies. They present people with a limited time offer to buy one of your products at a discounted rate. If people buy, they are entered into a sales funnel that will in time, offer them one of your higher-priced products. And because they saw how amazing your low-priced offer was, they will be much more confident to spend a larger sum.

Other Pages

As a solopreneur you can use landing pages in a multitude of ways, based on your custom needs and goals. Other examples would be Thank You Pages, Confirmation Pages, Webinar Pages and so much more. Whatever you decide to create, being in charge of your web presence gives you endless options as you have the flexibility to create whatever you want on your website.

No matter what type of landing page you decided to create for your business, you’ll need to make it look attractive and engaging. After all, the goal of a landing page is to convert more of your website traffic into customers. And, above all, you’ll have to properly design and organize the various call-to-action elements like the buy button, signup forms, play media button, etc. in an appealing way.

The Anatomy of High Converting Landing Page

Let’s take a look at the elements you must include in your landing page to give your web visitors with the right amount of info so they can make an educated decision and click on your call to action.

The Anatomy of High Converting Landing Page | AnitaM
  1. Headline: Make sure your headline is concise and clear.
  2. Hero Image or Video: Visuals usually convert better than text.
  3. Benefits: Breakdown the benefits of your solution into bullet points.
  4. Call to Action: Ensure your call to action stands out.
  5. Page Fold: Place your important elements above the fold.
  6. Links: Reduce all navigational and link options. Only one CTA!
  7. Description: Provide important details about your offering.
  8. Testimonials: Boost your conversion rate by showing what other people think of your offer.
  9. Trust Elements: Third-party verification plays a big role in conversions.

With all of the elements included in your landing pages, you should be able to see conversion rates skyrocketing and certainly see a growth in your subscriber base and even increased sales.

You know why landing pages matter and what landing pages need to effectively reach customers. But how do you build one in WordPress? 

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How to Create a Landing Page in WordPress for Free

If you have the time, some technical know-how but no budget to invest in premium plugins or themes, here’s a quick rundown of how to create a landing page in WordPress in five steps.

Beaver Builder and Astra Theme

1. Download Beaver Builder & Select Astra Theme

Download the Beaver Builder (page builder) plugin and activate it. Select Astra Theme from Appearance > Themes > Add New in your WordPress dashboard. Then, click on the three dots next to the theme’s name and click Activate.

2. Customize Theme & Remove Unnecessary Content

Go to Appearance > Customize in your WordPress dashboard and change all settings to your liking. Next, select or create a new page under Pages > Add New. Add Title to your page and on the bottom right corner check all the “disable” settings to hide the header, footer, and title of your page. This will give you a clean slate to create your landing page. Don’t forget to update/publish your page.

3. Add Page Content with Beaver Builder

Click on edit with Beaver Builder next to enter the page builder where you can create all the content outlined above with the drag and drop system. If you need modules not available with Beaver Builder, you can always search for add-on plugins and install them.

4. Create & Connect to Signup Form

The main mission of your landing page is to capture info from your visitor, so make sure you sign up for an email provider and create a signup form. Mailchimp is great when starting out and has a simple way to collect email addresses. Add the code to your signup form to your landing page.

5. Launch & Share Landing Page

Once all is in place, test it on a few devices for responsiveness and try to subscribe to see if all is working and properly connected. You don’t want to waste your efforts in creating your landing page and sharing around the web yet nobody can sign up because your form isn’t working, right?

TIP: Sample Landing Page

I know it can be time-consuming to create pages over and over again. But with my time-saving hack, you’ll have your next landing page created in no time. Simply, create a template landing page by following steps 1 to 3 and save it without all the content. When the time comes to create a new landing page, just duplicate the template and you are halfway done.

Plugins to Create Landing Pages with WordPress

As everything on the internet, there are plenty of options for you to get busy creating landing page in WordPress with plugins or other page builders. Check out the following:


With more than 4,000,000 downloads, Elementor is one of the most popular landing page plugins available, offering both easy-to-use functions for companies just getting started and more advanced tools for established organizations. Elementor is an all-in-one solution that lets you control every aspect of your website workflow and easily scales from supporting individual blogs and pages to multiple branded sites. Free and premium available.

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect offers a visually-driven WordPress building experience with 325 landing page templates. It includes instant drag-and-drop editing and pre-built conversion elements to help capture visitor interest and streamline landing page creation. Prices start at $25/month.


OptimizePress is a powerful WordPress landing and sales page plugin. It comes as a theme as well as a plugin allowing you to use it with any other WordPress theme. There are 30+ ready to use templates. Each one of them is designed to be a high converting sales page. It comes with a design tool to edit landing page templates. The part that stands about OptimizePress is that it seamlessly connects with several email marketing services and WordPress membership plugins. Prices start at $99/year.

Other Ways to Create Landing Pages

Not really a fan of WordPress? Or maybe hosting your website with SquareSpace, Shopify, Wix, or whatever platform is currently popular in your niche? I know that such platforms are limiting at times (hence I’ll always stand behind WordPress) but there are also third-party platforms that can help to create your landing page.


Leadpages is another easy to use platform for creating beautiful landing pages and adding them to your WordPress site. Unlike BeaverBuilder, Leadpages is a standalone landing page builder which means you can use it with or without a WordPress site. Unlike the landing page, you can create with WordPress for free, Leadpages will cost you around $40 per month but also gives you the option to create websites, pop-ups and announcement bars in addition to landing pages.  


Clickfunnels allows you to create a beautifully-designed website marketing funnel like landing and sales pages with just a few clicks. It was designed to help businesses automate their sales process from start to finish. This landing page solution may be of interest to you once you have a few products to offer since it does come with a hefty monthly subscription fee of approx $100. Not the cheapest option, but has several tools that could help you increase your sales.

How to Create Landing Pages with WordPress for Free | AnitaM

Landing Page Content Matters not so much the Tech

As you can see there are various options available for any budget. But I can’t stress enough, while the tech setup can make or break the user experience on your landing page, it’s what you are selling to your web visitor that will make them sign up or run away. So, before you spend hours and dollars on the latest must-have landing page tools, consider starting small, testing along the way, and most importantly create an irresistible offer for your target audience

You can have the most beautiful landing page but it will not matter at all if it doesn’t convert your website visitors into raving fans and clients. As always, less is more + quality over quantity, my friend.

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