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Tailored Services to Meet Everyone's Goals & Needs

  • Development & Evaluation

    I can turn your educational content into a tailored learning experience for your target audience or evaluate your existing programs with ease.

  • Training Library

    Over the years, I have accumulated library of online courses and workshops that are available on-demand or as part of your  training.

  • Curriculum Design

    I can partner with subject matter experts or your in-house staff to meet your learning objectives and assure the best user experience.

  • Learning Systems

    I have worked with various learning management systems (LMS) and I can recommend the best tech solutions for your training (on & offline).

  • Course Tech Setup

    Have training content but not interested in turning it into online courses yourself? I can help you to launch it without the tech overwhelm.

  • Staff Training

    I can also provide staff & instructor training to ensure your newly implemented online course can be used the right way by your team.

About Me

My name is AnitaM and I have over 10 years of experience in learning experience, instructional design, and project management. My expertise combines Western trends with the evolving needs of talent development in Southeast Asia. I've worked with clients worldwide, and I'm currently available for projects in Ho Chi Minh City, VN and remote opportunities worldwide.

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Learning Experience & Instructional Design | AnitaM

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