Essay: Left Behind

01: The Worldy Dream 02: Reflection on Life
03: Suited to Go 04: After Hours
05: Still Alive 06: Inside Out

After a recent trip to Germany, a place I used to call home, I was asked to photograph a property in New York. Nothing special one may think, but when I arrived at the location, it was as I traveled back in time. A lady used to live there alone, and was invited to find a new home, leaving her old life behind. Ten years ago I happened to be in the same situation as she. I packed my bags and set myself free to follow my dreams across the sea. This assignment has turned into a silent moment of reflection which I translated into a series of photographs. I once lived her life and knew it was possible to start over and leave the past behind. After all whatever we capture and create right now will blur into future at some point of time!

I have decided to turn this experience into a more than just an essay but rather a continuous story which you can learn more about here.

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